The universe should be accessible at a moment’s notice, and the LX65 Series combines advanced features and premium optics in an easy-to-use telescope system.
The LX85 Series features a high-quality, portable, GoTo, German equatorial mount with AudioStar® Hand box. The LX85 Series is the perfect choice for the cultivated observer and astro-imager looking to chase deep sky objects!
Our solar, lunar, and planetary guide cameras, will help you experience the universe on a whole new level! The LPI-G Advanced is available in both Colour & Monochrome.
The acclaimed Deep Sky Imager (DSI) camera series is back, and it’s more advanced than ever. Features complete camera control for all major operating systems without the need to purchase additional software.
The world's most popular telescope to observe the Sun. This 40mm diameter highly portable dedicated solar telescope features completly internal non-removable and student safe solar filtering optics.
The SolarMax III 70 includes only external “True” H-α etalon filters giving higher contrast views and sharper features compared with models using smaller internal H-α etalon designs.
Speciality CEMAX eyepieces for use with Coronado H-alpha Solar Telescopes and filters. These contrast enhanced eyepieces are specifically designed for use at H-alpha wavelengths.
The DS-2000 series mount, tripod and bracket (for optical tube) is fully computerised with Meade's AudioStar (#497 Autostar) Controller.
Meade Series 5000 Ultra Wide Angle eyepieces offer revolutionary new advances in resolution, image correction and eye relief, with an astonishing 82° field of view and waterproof construction.
Stella allows you to wirelessly control your telescope. When paired with our Android and iOS app, StellaAccess, you can wirelessly control your computerized telescope with your smart phone or tablet.
With our Solar System and guide camera, experience the universe on a whole new level. Lightweight and portable, LPI-G comes in either Colour or Monochrome.
Sharp, pin-point images from the centre all the way to the edge of its Mega 100 Degree Apparent Field of View. See pinpoint resolution edge-to-edge with luxuriously long eye relief.
Meade’s remarkable LX600 f/8 ACF with StarLock technology takes a giant leap forward by making astro-imaging much easier and making setup and transportation a breeze.
The most widely used research quality telescope now features the most advanced optical system. Meade’s LX200-ACF brings Advanced Coma-Free (ACF) optics within reach of aspiring astronomers everywhere.
For the truly discerning astronomer who will not tolerate anything but the very best, there is Meade's Advanced Coma-Free (ACF) optical system. ACF takes all of the features of the SC models and then ups the ante.
Meade’s revolutionary LS™ LightSwitch™ telescope uses advanced technologies like GPS, LNT™ and ECLIPS™ to do what no other consumer telescope has done before: take all the hassle out of using a telescope.

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