The world's most popular telescope to observe the Sun. This 40mm diameter highly portable dedicated solar telescope features completly internal non-removable and student safe solar filtering optics.
The 0.5A double stacked version of the PST, boasting even more surface detail. Observe the Sun like never before. It has been designed for increased contrast and image brightness.
The SolarMax III 70 includes only external “True” H-α etalon filters giving higher contrast views and sharper features compared with models using smaller internal H-α etalon designs.
Double Stacked models (<0.5Å bandpass) include two “True” external etalon filters. One etalon filter equipped with our patented RichView tuner and second etalon with tip-tilt tuning using Coronado’s T-Max tuner.
The SolarMax III 90 is equipped with a full aperture 90mm external hydrogen - alpha filter. The two-speed, 2” focuser has both coarse and fine focus controls.
The double-stacked (<0.5Å) bandpasses model of the SolarMax III 90 is available with either 15mm or 30mm blocking filters and a two-speed, 2” focuser.
Add on filters to reduce the normal bandwidth of PST and SolarMax telescopes from the single stack .7A performance to .5A, increasing visibility of surface detail and active regions on the Solar disc.
The blocking filter is the second element in any Coronado H-alpha system, it is just as crucial to your safety and the system's performance as the front element.
Speciality CEMAX eyepieces for use with Coronado H-alpha Solar Telescopes and filters. These contrast enhanced eyepieces are specifically designed for use at H-alpha wavelengths.
The DS-2000 series mount, tripod and bracket (for optical tube) is fully computerised with Meade's AudioStar (#497 Autostar) Controller.

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