Coronado PST ITF Drawtube Assembly

As supplied in the H-alpha Personal Solar Telescope (PST).

  • Replacement ITF Filter
  • Replacement Blocking Filter (BF)
  • For Coronado Personal Solar Telescope
  • H-alpha PST
  • UK warranty
Coronado PST ITF Drawtube Assembly
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Caution: This part must be installed by a qualified technician to avoid damage to your telescope and eyes.

Replacement complete drawtube assembly with BF blocking filter and ITF filter for the Coronado H-alpha Personal Solar Telescope (PST).

Carries 12-month UK warranty by Opticstar.





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The Coronado Personal Solar Telescope ITF filter is a narrowband filter that is used to observe the sun in the H-alpha wavelength. It is designed to be used with the Coronado Personal Solar Telescope (PST), which is a small telescope that is specifically designed for observing the sun. The ITF filter is placed in front of the PST's objective lens and it blocks out all of the light except for the H-alpha wavelength.

Coronado Personal Solar Telescope.
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Coronado PST ITF Drawtube Assembly
Attribute Specification
Product Code (SKU) PST-ITFDA
Universal Product Code (UPC) n/a
Warranty 12 month UK warranty by Opticstar
Experience Level Advanced
Compatibility Coronado H-alpha Personal Solar Telescope
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