Meade LX65 5-inch Maksutov-Cassegrain OTA only

Experience pinpoint star images and extraordinary contrast.

  • Maksutov-Cassegrain optical design
  • Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC™)
  • Aperture: 5-inch (127mm)
  • Focal length: 1900mm
  • Focal ratio: f/15
  • One 1.25" Plossl 26mm Eyepiece
  • One 1.25" Mirror Star Diagonal
  • UK warranty
Meade LX65 5-inch Maksutov-Cassegrain OTA only
  • Product code: 228011
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The LX65 Series 5" MAK Telescope features a Maksutov-Cassegrain optical design for pinpoint star images and extraordinary contrast, making it a great deep sky performer and ideal for detailed lunar and planetary observation as it easily soars to high magnifications.

Features a 5" (127mm) aperture, 1900mm focal length, and f/15 focal ratio. Equipped with an internal single-speed focuser and Ultra High Transmission Coatings (UHTC™) for the improvement of brighter star clusters, additional fine detail in nebulae, and greater surface features on planets. Includes (1) 26mm, 1.25" Super Plossl eyepiece and a red-dot viewfinder along with a vixen-style dovetail. The OTA (optical tube assembly) alone weighs 2.8 kg (6.2 lbs) and has dimensions of Ø=15cm x 36cm Length (Ø=5.8” x 14.3” Length).




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Meade premium optics

The heart of any telescope is its optics. Meade delivers the highest quality professional grade optics available. These optical tubes feature large apertures and Meade's Advanced Coma-Free (ACF™) or Maksutov-Cassegrain optics coupled with Meade's Ultra-High Transmission Coatings (UHTC™), giving you the ultimate in premium optics. The LX65 is an ideal high-resolution visual observing instrument but is also fully qualified for the more advanced areas of astronomy, including planetary astrophotography. Observe Saturn's rings, the surface of the Moon, and even the cloud bands on Jupiter in great detail.

Carries full one year UK warranty by Opticstar Ltd on behalf of Meade Instruments Corp.

LX65 telescopes.
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Meade LX65 5-inch Maksutov-Cassegrain OTA only
Attribute Specification
Meade Product Code / sku 228011
Universal Product Code (UPC) 709942999556
Warranty 1 year UK warranty by Opticstar Ltd on behalf of Meade Instruments USA
Series LX65
Experience Level Intermediate
Clear Aperture 127mm (5-inch)
Focal Length 1900mm
Focal Ratio f/15
Optical Design Maksutov-Cassegrain
Optical Coatings UHTC™ - Ultra High Transmission
Focuser Mechanism Single speed internal focuser
Viewfinder Red Dot viewfinder
Eyepiece Meade Series 4000™ 26mm Super Plossl, 1.25"
Diagonal Meade #07202 Diagonal Mirror, 1.25"
Dovetail Vixen-style
Optical Tube Weight 2.8 kg (6.2 lbs)
Optical Tube Dimensions Ø=15cm x 36cm (Ø=5.8" x 14.3")
Assembled Product Weight 16 kg (34.2 lbs)
Transit Weight 5 kg
Transit Dimensions 54cm x 21cm x 22cm
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LX65 optical tubes
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Astro images
11 November 2022

What is more important? Premium optics or ease of use? Now you can have both! The up and coming LX65 telescope series from Meade is packed with more features than any other telescope in its class.

8 September 2021

The LX65 series represents Meade Instruments' latest telescopes that have been designed to make the universe accessible to both beginners and seasoned observers at a moment's notice.

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Whether you consider purchasing your second telescope or you are new to astronomy but you are looking for a more advanced and larger telescope from day one, there are plenty of options.

18 September 2019

BBC Sky at Night magazine reviews the Meade LX65 8” ACF in the October 2019 issue. The review mentions the features that stand out, including the two Vixen-style saddles;

06 June 2019

Meade’s freshly minted LX65 8-inch telescope certainly has extras. It boasts Advanced Coma-Free (ACF) optics, a computerized GoTo mount with motorized tracking,

27 May 2019

The LX65 series from Meade Instruments provides amateur astronomers with (1) a simple-to-use and portable deep sky visual observation rig and (2) a budget-friendly way to pursue planetary/lunar astrophotography.

19 December 2018

Christmas is almost here and so are the new LX65 and LX85 telescopes from Meade! The Maksutov, Newtonian and refracting models arrive in the UK this week.