Meade LX850 130mm APO Triplet Refractor

Highest grade apochromatic refractor on a rock solid platform..

  • Optical Design: 3-element
  • Optical Glass: Premium ED
  • Optical Coatings: Fully Multi Coated
  • Aperture: 130mm
  • Focal Length: 910mm (f/7)
  • 2.5” Dual-Speed Rack & Pinion Focuser
  • StarLock automatic guider
  • Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PPEC)
  • AutoStar II handbox
  • 145,000+ object database
  • Giant Field Tripod
  • UK warranty
Meade LX850 130mm APO
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Meade 130mm APO LX850 Refractor #0130-85-01. The Series 6000 Apochromatic Refractors are some of the best crafted refractors on the market. Each refractor is individually constructed and tested to ensure that they meet our highest standards, both optically and mechanically.

These telescopes were built with the observer and imager in mind. With the three-element optical design using the highest grade extra-low dispersion optical glass, false colour is virtually eliminated, yielding astonishing colour correction, contrast, and sharpness.

New to the Series 6000 Triplets APOs is the proprietary 2.5” dual-speed rack-and-pinion focuser. The focuser comes with a 10:1 fine focus knob for precise focusing. It includes millimetre markings on the drawtube to assist with focusing accuracy and is also rotatable which allows for easy framing of the photographed object. New for this focuser is the 2” self-centre locking ring that allows diagonals or cameras to be well cantered to the optical train every time the locking ring is engaged.





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Standard equipment also includes a fully extendable dew shield, mounting rings, a Vixen-style dovetail, and an aluminium hard carry case to protect your investment when not in use.

The Series 6000 Apochromatic Refractors will fill the need of the most discerning astronomer. For crisp wide-field observing and imaging, nothing can beat a true three-element Apochromatic Refractor (APO). Meade Series 6000 ED APO Triplets are among the finest available optically at any price.

Optical tube measures approximately 94cm (37”) long by 18cm (7”) diameter and weighs 11.4 kg (25 lbs).


Includes StarLock- the revolutionary new technology that makes target acquisition on your imaging sensor and accurate guiding during exposures completely automatic. With Meade's exclusive LightSwitch technology at its core, StarLock uses an 80mm f/5 optic and two camera sensor system to provide computer assisted polar alignment using the drift method. Once aligned the StarLock is guiding the mount in real time, and even automatically programs periodic error correction, achieving a guiding accuracy of up to 1 arcsecond in good seeing and with the capability of guiding on stars as faint as 11th magnitude.

Rock solid

The LX850 mount, constructed of machined stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminium is a rock-solid platform for the most demanding applications, with a 40 kg (90 lbs) payload capacity and pointing accuracy as good as one arcminute. Features include precision roller bearings on each axis, a 1.75" stainless steel RA shaft, 5.8" (14.7 cm) main gears, fine manual adjustment controls on both axes, illuminated reticle output port. Mount main body weight is 25 kg (55 pounds). The fully height adjustable, 74cm to 115cm (29 to 45") tripod features massive 3" (7.62 cm) diameter legs for rock steady performance and weighs 16.3 kg (36 pounds). Includes two 11.7 kg (26 lbs) stainless steel counterweights, additional weights sold separately.

Fully equipped

Telescope comes fully equipped with a Meade Series 5000 2" diagonal prism featuring enhanced 99% reflectivity, Series 5000 HD-60 25mm eyepiece, and 8x50 viewfinder with quick release bracket. Also includes bracket for alternate OTA mounting of StarLock if desired.

Carries full one year UK warranty by Opticstar Ltd on behalf of Meade Instruments Corp.

'Sky & Telescope' review

"...the LX850 Astro-Imaging System is a quantum leap forward. It has done for deep-sky astrophotography what Go To telescopes did for observing, turning what many consider a daunting task into something that can be done with push-button ease. It’s quite an accomplishment."

Review by Dennis di Cicco, 'Sky & Telescope' magazine, December 2013.

Meade Series 6000 APO refractors.

A smarter telescope system - only from Meade

Drawing on over 40 years of experience and innovation, Meade Instruments introduces the latest in a long line of advanced astronomical products: the LX850. Using revolutionary new technology, every aspect of this amazing telescope system has been designed to deliver the new standard in astrophotographic and visual performance.

Precision machined, solid German equatorial mount

Constructed of machined stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminium, the LX850 mount presents a rock-solid platform with precision roller bearings on both axes and a 1.75" (4.45 cm) stainless steel R.A. shaft. Its 0.68" (1.73 cm) diameter brass worms and 5.8" (14.7 cm) diameter, 225-tooth aluminium gears deliver smooth, precise movement with up to a 40 kg (90-pound) instrument load. A fully-computerized GoTo mount with GPS, the LX850 comes with a database of over 145,000 objects. All this set atop a new super-stable tripod.

StarLock - full time automatic guiding

StarLock is the revolutionary new technology that makes target acquisition on your imaging sensor and accurate guiding during exposures completely automatic. StarLock uses an 80mm f/5 optic and a super wide-angle lens in a two-camera system that automatically finds your target in high-precision, immediately captures a field star as dim as 11th magnitude and then guides to an accuracy of one arcsecond. There's no need for a separate guide or computer and the StarLock requires no user focusing or guide star selection. StarLock automatically programs periodic error correction and then corrects for any other errors down to virtually zero.

With the combination of the finest optics, a robust German equatorial mount and the revolutionary StarLock system, the LX850 is the smartest and most complete astro-imaging solution available.

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Meade LX850 130mm APO Triplet Refractor
Attribute Specification
Meade Product Code / sku 0130-85-01
Universal Product Code (UPC) 709942600643
Warranty 1 year UK warranty by Opticstar Ltd on behalf of Meade Instruments USA
Series LX850
Experience Level Advanced
Clear Aperture 130mm
Focal Length 910mm
Focal Ratio f/7
Optical Design Apochromatic Refractor
Optical Elements 3-elements
Optical Glass Premium ED (extremely low dispersion)
Optical Coatings Fully Multi-Coated
Resolving Power (Dawes' Limit) 0.890954 arc-seconds
Optical Tube Aluminium
Focuser 2.5" Dual Speed Rack & Pinion, zero image-shift, dual speed 10:1
Dew Shield Fully extendable dew shield
Dovetail Vixen®-style
Hard Case Included
Eyepiece Series 5000™ 25mm HD-60
Diagonal Series 5000™ 2" Dielectric Diagonal
Viewfinder 8x50mm with cross-hair reticle
Telescope Mounting Precision machined German equatorial mount
Hand Controller AutoStar II
Object Database 145,000 objects
Pointing Precision 1.0 arc-minute (+/-); High Precision Mode
Periodic Error Correction Both Axes
Permanent Periodic Error Correction (PPEC) Yes
StarLock™ Yes
StarLock Wide-field Camera 25mm x 26mm f/1.04 optic with 1/2 inch format CMOS sensor gives field of 14.72 x 11.78 degrees
StarLock Narrow-field Camera 80mm x 400mm f/5 optic with 1/2 inch format CMOS sensor gives fi eld of 57.2 x 45.8 arcminutes (2.68 arcseconds/pixel)
StarLock High-precision Pointing +/- 1 arcminute
StarLock High-precision Guiding +/- 1 arcsecond (with good seeing. 1-4 second correction update rate depending on star magnitude. Faintest guide star 11th mag.)
StarLock High-precision Alignment Semi-automatic drift align procedure for ultra-precise polar alignment
StarLock Weight 1.2 kg (2.7 lbs)
Slow Motion Controls Electronic
Slew Speeds RA and Dec: 1x, 2x, 8x, 16x, 64x sidereal and 0.25°/sec, 0.5°/sec, 1°/sec, and 3°/sec (max)
Tracking Rates Sidereal, Lunar, or custom-selected from 2000 incremental rates
Periodic Error Correction Permanent periodic error correction (PPEC)
Control Panel Ports • On/Off Switch
• 12vDC Power Input
• 12vDC Power Output
• Illuminated Reticle
• Handbox (HBX) Port
• RS-232 Port
• StarLock Port
• Aux Guide Port
• Focuser
Power Requirements 12v DC, 5 amp Meade Universal Power Supply included
Mount Type Germal equatorial mount
Mount Payload Capacity 41 kg (90 lbs)
GPS Receiver Yes
Time Chip Yes
Smart Mount™ Yes
Smart Drive™ Yes
Tripod Giant Field Tripod
Anti-vibration Pads Included
Electronic Focuser Not included
Optical Tube Assembly Weight 8 kg (17.7 lbs)
Optical Tube Assembly Dimensions 85cm x 15cm x 15cm (33.3” x 6.1” x 6.1”)
Mount Main Body Weight 25 kg (55 lbs)
Tripod Weight 23 kg (50 lbs)
Tripod Dimensions 86cm x 137cm (34” to 54”) variable
Transit Weight • Box 1 (optical tube assembly): 18 kg
• Box 2 (optical accessory kit): 4 kg
• Box 3 (mount body): 32 kg
• Box 4 (mount accessories): 20 kg
• Box 5 (counterweight): 14 kg
• Box 6 (giant tripod): 27 kg
Transit Dimensions • Box 1 (optical tube assembly): 96cm x 33cm x 36cm
• Box 2 (optical accessory kit): 31cm x 31cm x 31cm
• Box 3 (mount body): 54cm x 41cm x 79cm
• Box 4 (mount accessories): 72cm x 42cm x 28cm
• Box 5 (counterweight): 27cm x 27cm x 14cm
• Box 6 (giant tripod): 49cm x 44cm x 111cm
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