22 October 2021

sky watch | article

November’s deep sky guide provides notes for exploring various interesting deep sky objects and lists other items of interest useful to the amateur astronomer.

08 October 2021

how-to guide | article | photography

This article identifies the parts of a complete imaging system for astronomy, discusses the relationships of the parts and presents a range of relevant astronomical equipment and software.

22 September 2021

sky watch | article

October’s deep sky guide provides notes for exploring various interesting deep sky objects and lists other items of interest useful to the amateur astronomer.

08 September 2021

how-to guide | article

The LX65 series represents Meade Instruments' latest telescopes that have been designed to make the universe accessible to both beginners and seasoned observers at a moment's notice.

25 August 2021

sky watch | article

September’s deep sky guide provides notes for exploring various interesting deep sky objects and lists other items of interest useful to the amateur astronomer.

06 August 2021

article | solar astronomy

The Sun is a 4.6 billion years old star of hot plasma located at the centre of the Solar System. The Sun spins round itself but being a gas giant, it rotates once every 24 days round the equator where it will take more than 35 days for a full rotation near it poles.

14 July 2021

how-to guide | article | solar astronomy

The Sun is located at the centre of the Solar System and is a star formed around 4.6 billion years ago. It is a sphere of hot plasma that appears as mostly white, radiating energy primarily in the visible spectrum and also infrared wavelengths both of which can observed with an appropriate Solar filter.

17 June 2021

solar astronomy | video

Whether you are focusing on the solar edge or surface features in the chromosphere, the SolarMax III provides razor sharp detail. The external etalon filter can be easily removed to use the scope as a normal refractor for night time astronomy.

02 June 2021


Orion Telescopes & Binoculars has acquired the assets of Meade Instruments Corp. For over four decades Meade has been one of the world's largest manufacturers of telescopes and the most prestigious brand for amateur astronomers, working closely with independent retailers serving both casual and professional astronomers.

26 May 2021

sport optics | video

Meade Wilderness spotting scopes are ideal for high-magnification, high-resolution observation of terrestrial subjects. Explore the subtleties of a bird’s feather structure from 50 yards or use the spotting scope for casual astronomical observations.

15 May 2021


We have introduced the option of purchasing the products listed on this website. All items can be shipped within mainland Great Britain. Additionally, we may be able to ship smaller items beyond this region depending on the delivery location and the selected goods.

05 February 2021


The new product catalogue for 2021 is now available to download. It includes the latest Meade and Coronado products.

01 December 2020

how-to guide | article | visual observation

Get the most out of your telescope when visually observing the Moon, planets, comets and deep sky objects. We will be reviewing the most popular telescope designs used for observational purposes before venturing into other aspects.

23 November 2020

how-to guide | video | photography

In this video, we will show you how to setup and use your Meade Series 6000 50mm Guide Scope. This guide scope is suitable for auto-guiding both short and long focal length telescopes.

18 October 2020

how-to guide | video | star alignment

Learn of a few quick ways to polar align your German Equatorial (or EQ) mount. We will use the Meade LX85 EQ mount to to demonstrate, and most of the techniques will apply to other mounts as well.

30 September 2020

how-to guide | article | intermediate

Whether you consider purchasing your second telescope or you are new to astronomy but you are looking for a more advanced and larger telescope from day one, there are plenty of options.

01 August 2020


Commencing on 1st August 2020, Opticstar Ltd becomes the exclusive retail supplier of Meade Instruments and Coronado Solar products in the United Kingdom.

25 July 2020


The list of telescopes and accessories that are now back in stock for the summer and beyond.

29 June 2020

how-to guide | article | solar astronomy

How to get the most out of these scopes covering them in terms of their components, accessories, observation and basic imaging requirements and finally provisions for their safe storage and transportation.

18 May 2020

how-to guide | article | telescope control

Control your Meade computerised telescope wirelessly via Wi-Fi from your smartphone or tablet. Alternatively, you can also control your telescope with a cable connection to a PC running Microsoft Windows.

02 May 2020

how-to guide | video | photography

This video demonstrates how to attach your planetary camera to the telescope for prime focus astrophotography.

30 April 2020

how-to guide | video | astrophotography

Learn how to attach your camera to the telescope for prime focus deep sky photography.

07 April 2020

how-to guide | article | beginner

Buying your first telescope is probably going to be your most difficult decision as an amateur astronomer.

31 March 2020

how-to guide | video | star align | LX65

In this video tutorial, you will find out how to setup and align your Meade LX65 telescope.

24 January 2020

review | article | LX600

The value of the LX600 comes as much from its timing as from its advanced technology.

06 November 2019

review | apochromatic | Series 6000

Meade Series 6000 115mm APO review by Sky & Telescope magazine.

18 September 2019

LX65 | ACF | Advanced Coma Free

BBC Sky at Night magazine reviews the Meade LX65 8” ACF in the October 2019 issue.

31 July 2019

astrophotography | DSI-IV

The acclaimed DSI camera series is back, and its more advanced than ever with a 16MP Panasonic CMOS image sensor and two-stage thermo-electric cooler.

15 July 2019

astrophotography | LPI-G

If you’re looking to capture lunar, planetary, and even solar images at an affordable price, then Meade’s LPI-G might be exactly what you need.

06 June 2019

LX65 | ACF | Advanced Coma Free

SkyNews magazine's review of the Meade LX65 8” ACF by Ken Hewitt-White.

27 May 2019

LX65 | ACF | Advanced Coma Free

Meade LX65 203mm (8”) review by Matthew DeSipio, Meade Brand Ambassador.

11 April 2019


The new product catalogue for 2019 is now available to download. It includes the latest Meade and Coronado products.

08 February 2019


Can this mount’s full-time automatic autoguiding make everyone a deep-sky astrophotographer? Original review published in Sky & Telescope magazine.

17 January 2019


Eyepieces are the most popular telescope accessories. They are used to adjust the magnification of the telescope, trading off magnification with field of view. Meade’s eyepieces have an excellent reputation for value and performance.

19 December 2018

intermediate telescopes | portable telescopes

Christmas is almost here and so are the new LX65 and LX85 telescopes from Meade! The Maksutov, Newtonian and refracting models arrive in the UK this week.

19 September 2018

intermediate telescopes | portable telescopes

What is more important? Premium optics or ease of use? Now you can have both! The up and coming LX65 telescope series from Meade is packed with more features than any other telescope in its class.

05 June 2018

solar telescopes

Meade Instruments has announced four new Coronado solar telescopes in the latest SolarMax III series. The new models are fitted with full aperture 90mm external etalon filters, surpassing the performance of solar telescope designs that use smaller internal H-α etalons.

29 March 2018

beginner telescopes | portable telescopes | navigation

The ETX Observer telescopes are lightweight and portable, making them ideal for astronomy on the move and newcomers to the hobby.

20 December 2017

law | navigation

Under new proposals there will be severe punishments for offenders shining laser pens at air, ground or sea vehicles. The new law has been put forward by the transport department.

19 October 2017

solar telescopes | optical tubes

The new Meade Series 6000 70mm APO Quadruplet and the Coronado SolarMax III 70 telescopes have been announced in the November 2017 issue of Astronomy Now magazine.

10 August 2017

solar telescopes

Find out why the revolutionary Coronado SolarMax II with RichView™ tuning technology brings solar viewing to a whole new level.

05 July 2017

astronomy cameras

A review of the LPI-G Colour camera has been published in the July 2017 issue of BBC Sky at Night magazine. The LPI-G is a planetary, lunar and solar imaging camera.

29 June 2017

solar telescopes

The Coronado Personal Solar Telescope (PST) is the world’s most popular solar telescope. The PST is portable and powerful at the same time. It can show prominences, active regions, filaments, as well as other surface details.

22 May 2017

beginner telescopes | portable telescopes

There is another excellent review for the ETX90 Observer published in the June issue of Astronomy Now magazine.

16 May 2017

beginner telescopes | portable telescopes

The ETX Observer series of telescopes is reviewed in issue 64 of All About Space magazine.

14 February 2017


The European AstroFest is now over for another year. Pulsar Observatories had a large display of Meade and Coronado telescopes as well as showing their latest observatory domes.

24 January 2017


Meade and Coronado telescopes will be on display at the European AstroFest on the 10 and 11 February 2017. Meade telescopes on display include the LS (LightSwitch), LX90 and LX600.

12 January 2017

advanced telescopes

A new advertisement has appeared in the January 2017 issue of Astronomy Now magazine. it promotes the LX850 series of equatorial telescopes.

28 December 2016

beginner telescopes | portable telescopes

The ETX90 Observer telescope is reviewed in issue 59 of All About Space magazine.

08 December 2016

beginner telescopes | portable telescopes

This time of year, many people purchase their first telescope and we often get asked to recommend a computerised entry level telescope. There are many options but two telescopes come to mind, the Meade StarNavigator 90 and the Meade ETX80 Observer.

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Meade STELLA Wi-Fi adapter
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European Extremely Large Telescope
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